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1 Christians Are Us
1 0
To reach as many spiritually young Christians as I can and help them along their Christian walk, day by day. I provide Bible study, Discipleship class, Spiritually motivating Quotes, Devotions and muc
2 Soulwinning Crash Course
0 0
New book explains how to effectively witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. Includes much ammo supporting eternal security and refuting several cults commonly encountered by soulwinners.
3 Calvinisms Other Side
0 0
Forum of Do Right Christians refuting Calvinism/Reformed Theology inspired by Laurence Vance's book, "The Other Side of Calvinism".
4 The Bible Truth Radio
0 0
This station provides Old Fashioned KJV Bible Believing broadcasting. We play sermons, songs, kids programming, Bible lessons, and much more.
5 The Crucified Life
0 0
We are a King James Bible Only Ministry. Our goal is to help teach the people of God through publishing and teaching of scriptural books and articles. Audio podcasts are also available from our curr